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Poker is America’s national card game, and its popularitycontinues to grow. Nationwide, you can discover a video game in progresseverywhere. If you want to play, you can discover poker video games onreplicas of 19th century riverboats or on Native American triballands. You can play poker at home with the household or online withopponents from worldwide. Like bowling and billiards beforeit, poker has actually left from under the seedier side of its rootsand is flowering in the sunshine.

Perhaps you have actually never played poker before and you do n’teven understand what a complete home is. Poker For Dummies covers thebasics. Or maybe you have actually played for years, however you justdon’t know how to win. This handy guide will assist you walkaway from the poker table with winnings, not lint, in your pockets.If you’re a poker professional, you still canbenefit — a few of the tips may shock you, and you can definitely gain from the anecdotes from professionalplayers like T.J. Cloutier and Stu Unger.Know what it

takes to start winning hand after hand by exploringstrategy; getting to know antes and betting structure; understanding youropponents, and comprehending the chances. Poker For Dummiesalso covers the following subjects and more:

  • Poker games such as Seven-Card Stud, Omaha, and TexasHold ’em
  • Setting up a video game at home
  • Playing in a gambling establishment: Do’s and do n’ts
  • Improving your have fun with Web and video poker
  • Figuring out poker phrases and slang
  • 10 ways to read your opponent’s body language
  • Playing in poker competitions
  • Finance and recordkeeping
  • Understanding when and how to bluff

Poker appears like such a basic game. Anyone, it appears, can playit well — however that’s far from the reality. Learningthe rules can be quick work, but becoming a winning player takesconsiderably longer. Still, anyone happy to make the effort canbecome an excellent player. You can prosper in poker the way you succeedin life: by facing it squarely, getting up earlier than the nextperson, and working more difficult and smarter than the competition.Foreword by Chris Moneymaker, 2003 World Series of PokerChampion.(rack 16.1.3)

Poker For Dummies

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