Optimizing Ace King: The Right Strategy For Playing Poker’s Most Complex Starting Hand

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Ace King is a massively rewarding hand. In truth, AK is in the top-5% of winning hands and represent a great chunk of your winrate. But despite that fact, numerous gamers are confused about how to approach this hand. Should you 3bet it preflop, or simply call it? Should you play the suited and offsuit variations the very same, or in a different way? Should you c-bet with air, or examine rather? And how numerous streets of value is leading pair actually worth?Most gamers battle with AK due to little leakages in their strategy. So Optimizing Ace King (OAK) doesn’t seek to give you a lot of memorized plays and strategies. Rather, OAK shows you how AK fits within your technique and ranges. This prepares you for playing AK, to name a few hands, in a variety of areas and under a range of conditions.James “SplitSuit” Sweeney and Adam “W34Z3L” Jones co-wrote this book to take a thorough appearance at poker method through the lens of a single hand. Ideas consist of 3betting, 4betting, cbetting, barreling, GTO vs. exploitative play, and deducing lines from GTO solver output. You will play AK 99.9% of the time you are dealt it, and given that it makes up such a large portion of your winrate, does not it make sense to enhance your method with it? Each chapter builds upon the last, strolling you through preflop play, flop play (when you hit, miss out on, and flop draws), and turn + river play. Plus there is an entire chapter full of examples and a chapter dedicated strictly to tournaments. If your winrate with AK might use a boost, invest a few chips and see the ROI in no time at all!(The foreword is composed by legendary poker author Ed Miller)

Optimizing Ace King: The Right Strategy For Playing Poker's Most Complex Starting Hand

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