Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!: The Bonhams Guide to Classic Race and Sports Cars

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Bonhams is the world’s go-to source for classic race and sports cars. In this book, the auction house provides a choice of the most awesome models and tells their stories. It might just take a small turn of the ignition, however firing up classica vehicles also makes great moments in car history come to life. Every page of Gentlemen, Start Your Engines! offers the reader a sense of the intensity of real auto culture. Large-format images display streamlined shapes and tactile vintage interiors in loving detail. The book was put together by Jared Zaugg, a male who founded one of the coolest high-end bike events worldwide, the Legend of the Motorcycle: International Concours d’Elegance. Although Zaugg has actually mostly been associated with two-wheelers, in Gentlemen, Start Your Engines! he revels in his 2nd enthusiasm– double the number of wheels and double the fun! In cooperation with Bonhams, the largest auction house for classic automobiles, Jared Zaugg reveals the undeniable icons of the scene. The book features a choice of models that go far beyond mere technical statistics and shining chrome. Rather, they all offer somthing far more valuable: unique stories. These include the famous Hurst Baja that Steve McQueen drove in an off-road race through the desert outside Las Vegas in 1968 until its axle broke. Or the famous Bugatti Brescia Tyre 22 from 2915 that lay on the bottom of Lake Maggiore for over 70 years prior to its remains were recuperated in 2009. Then there are traditional appeals such as the Aston Martin DB4GT, as well as a collection of historical automobiles that call to mind the origin of the word “horsepower” and the automobile’s simple start as an honorable carriage. All the huge names are included, but the focus is on what can be found behind the logos and the polished surfaces. With its striking pictures and engaging texts, Gentlemen, Start Your Engines! genuinely records the feeling of these unique cars and trucks. As lovers of exclusive limited series, record-making cars, and famous races themselves, Jared Zaugg and the team at Bonhams went all out in their efforts to collet the finest of the best in this publication– and it shows. Gentlement, Start Your Engines! is a book that commemorates cars. While it will motivate some to dream and fuel envy in others, it provides exceptional stories for everyone.Gentlemen Start Your

  • Engines The Bonhams Guide to Classic Race and Sports Cars Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!: The Bonhams Guide to Classic Race and Sports Cars

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