Decade Awards Poker Monster Trophy | Texas Hold Em Hulk Award | Perfect Poker Trophy | 6.75 Inch – Free Engraved Plate on Request


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The type of trophy that you choose for a tournament will depend on the type of competition that you are holding.

Whether it’s for games for kids or an amateur competition, what much better method to offer an award for their exemplary performance than to provide the Years Awards Poker Beast Prize!

This gold and silver finish beast trophy is the exceptional option for your most difficult participants! This Beast Prize is made with a male hulk. Developed with resin cast design, this bronze colored trophy stands 6.75″ high and consists of 3 lines of inscribing on a gold plate. This is perfect for your winners and individuals.

Help in Boosting Spirits with our Poker Beast Prize!

  • Offers the recipient a much deeper sense of dedication to the sport.
  • Inspires everybody to achieve even higher success in the future.
  • Brings eminence to the organization sponsoring the sport, showing that the tournament deserves completing in.
  • Acknowledges the excellence of the private receiving the trophy.

An engraved plate can be asked for if purchased from YEARS AWARDS. Please verify item is SOLD BY DECADE AWARDS when having a look at. Items purchased from other Sellers are not eligible to get a courtesy plate from Decade Awards.

After you place your order, go to “YOUR ORDERS”and click on “CONTACT SELLER”and send us a message with your engraving details (as much as 3 lines), order # and mailing address. We will CONFIRM back to you that we received your request and then mail your engraved plate within 1 organisation day. The plate will arrive as much as 6 company days later by United States Mail in a brilliant red envelope. Prize originates from Amazon un-engraved.



  • PRIOR TO PURCHASE; Please validate that the item is “Sold by DECADE AWARDS” before including to CART to receive your free engraved plate. If NOT, examine the “OTHER SELLERS ON AMAZON” section underneath the buy box for the DECADE AWARDS option.TROPHY & PLATE DETAILS; 6.75″high; unleash the MONSTER in your players with this Beast Prize; a perfect way to recognize their decision, performance … and UNBEATABLE POKER FACE; engrave an INDIVIDUALIZED message acknowledging a victory for a victorious game with 3 lines of engraving consisting of as much as 30 characters and spaces per line; a best award for any tournament, competition or father’s poker night.TO RECEIVE TROPHY with the ENGRAVED PLATE CONNECTED; enter B0743JY2R4 in the Amazon search bar for our CUSTOMIZE NOW listing.HOW TO ORDER THE ENGRAVED PLATE: Locate the order in your AMAZON account > Below the trophy name, is” Item Concern? ASK SELLER”‘; CLICK ON the “Ask Seller “link to request your plate; include the Amazon Order #, inscribing info and a mailing address for shipment. An e-mail will be sent to verify invoice within 24 HRS. Orders are mailed out USPS First Class within 2 service days. Please enable an overall of 5-7 business days for shipment. Courtesy plates are shipped within the U.S. just.100 %CASH BACK WARRANTY; Not pleased? Merely return the trophy and you will get a”no concerns asked”complete refund. Decade Awards Poker Monster Trophy | Texas Hold Em Hulk Award | Perfect Poker Trophy | 6.75 Inch - Free Engraved Plate on Request

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